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2014 Resolutions

Untitled-1With the start of 2014, Chez Faluine has a new logo! The shop sign logo was entirely designed by me, and I thought it looks pretty realistic coming from a beginner. This takes my Photoshop designing skills to a new level, woohoo!

A new year should come as a fresh beginning, with fresh emotions and new goals. I’m not a very good goal-setter, because I tend to live through each moment as they come, and my mind changes very frequently about stuff, making me soon feel very obliged to fulfil whatever goals I set. And obligations aren’t something positive to me. One needs to be very willing to do something right from the heart. Nevertheless, there are still some important resolutions that I want to make for the new year, and all of them are for self-improvement.

1. Put in more efforts to my two websites. Post at least twice a month (really twice a month, not on average!).
2. Find a niche for Chez Faluine and introduce something new on On Fountain Pens.
3. Be more involved in movies, books, plays, musicals, concerts and art. I need to maintain my artsy nature and not lose it to the scientific stuff that I do from day to day during my full-time job!
4. Visit at least 3 new countries. I already know I’ll probably be going to Taiwan, and Europe. But where in Europe, I’m not sure yet. I hope to visit two new countries in Europe!
5. Learn new skills in marketing. This can benefit my job as well as my websites.
6. Be more known and more knowing. I want to be known as a skilled person, and also to increase my own knowledge about anything. Knowledge is great.
7. Be more calm and tolerant. I think this needs to be be my resolution every year. I just tend to be very intolerant of irresponsible and unreasonable people, and waste my energy being pissed off by the things they do. I really should just conserve my energy and invest it in the above 6 resolutions.

Have you made your own 2014 resolutions? Anyone has the same resolutions as me? Drop me a note so we can work to fulfil them together!